How Organic Products Can Keep You Staying Healthy

How Organic Products Can Keep You Staying Healthy

It seems that every year and every day brings about new and harmful germs or diseases that can be seriously fatal to our health. This is especially true in our highly fluid modern world, where travel is as easy as a snap of the fingers, and germs can be transported from even the most remote places, to new and highly populated areas throughout the world.

Despite this, there are several ways you can stay healthy and boost your immune system to be well guarded against these pesky intruders. What is even better? You can do it without any purchase of expensive drugs or prescriptions that can may cost an arm and a leg to obtain.

Our natural environment is truly a wonderful thing, and each day we overlook the thousands of natural benefits it brings with its plant and animal life. Organic means, however, can be the most effective manner of preserving our health and promoting well functioning immune systems that allow us to continue with life unhindered.

Staying Healthy With Teas, If You Please

The secrets of teas have long been known, and some cultures have tea drinking centered as an ancient tradition spanning entire centuries. Such peoples know that a daily consumption of tea is the best preventive measure against a variety of common occurrences, such as the cold, flue, and other annoyances.

Which teas can achieve this effect? Green tea is perhaps the best product for combating cold and flues, but herbal teas may have more of a desired effect in maintaining overall general health.

Herbals teas include a wide selection of ground up berries and other natural substances found in our environment, such as cinnamon and ginger roots. These substances and antioxidants provide the nutrients we need to boost our immune systems and maintain overall general health.

Eating The Diet Mother Nature Intended

Maintaining a healthy diet is not just important to avoid long talks with our doctors. The health effects of eating natural and organic foods is beyond what can be imagined. By following the recommended daily consumption of different categories of foods, which are prescribed in the Department of Agriculture’s “Food Pyramid”, our bodies receive the exact amount of nutrients and vitamins it needs to keep us healthy and at our best.

“Junk food” is perhaps the number one hindrance not just to our waistline, but also to our overall health. It has been proven that junk foods weaken our immune systems. This makes healthy eating all the more important.

By eating the right amounts of healthy fats, meats, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, you can only maintain extremely good health, but also receive numerous side benefits such as healthier looking skin and hair.

There are tons of organic foods and products that originate from mother nature and are beneficial to our health. Partaking in a healthy diet and drinking preventive liquids such as teas, can fight off germs and pathogens before they cause you illness and annoyance.

Conscious organic care for healthy skin

Conscious organic care for healthy skin

Anti-aging care does not begin when you are aging but begins when you are still young. Taking conscious care of your skin with organic and natural products right from the beginning gives you more than a good chance for it to remain young and supple even as you age. Besides a regular skin regimen supple and smooth skin is achieved when you eat right, exercise and keep away from pollutants. Eating fresh vegetables and fruit provide antioxidants that help to maintain the skin’s texture. If you wish to have clear and beautiful skin then live the organic life, use organic products and live in pollution free environments.


Aging skin and care

While it is natural for everyone to turn old and for the skin to lose elasticity you can keep it under control. Nobody realizes it but stress harms the skin more than you can imagine. When you are young the skin can overcome a drubbing but as age creeps in you need to take care of your skin. Aging skin is not just about when you get old but skin can age as early as 30 years if you do not look after it. You need to have a clear-cut skin care program that means regular organic exfoliation and hydration so that the moisture is retained to keep the skin supple. Using face washes that contain alpha-hydroxy acids or AHA’s, which are natural organic fruit acids, helps the skin to renew and repair itself. You also need regular organic facials so that the skin is massaged with the right techniques.


Organic food for your skin

Certified organic and natural products that use ingredients created by nature are what you should use to feed your skin. This can be honey, cocoa or shea butter, flowers, spices, herbs, fruit etc. Read the labels and buy a test article before you decide on what suits your skin type best. Meditation and relaxation are products that not only refresh your mind and body but the effects show on your skin too. Yoga and breathing pranayama supply oxygen to your skin which helps to keep it glowing and flushed with health.


Organic and natural anti-aging ingredients

Botanical ingredients are being researched to unlock their properties. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian formulations of herbs, minerals and fats are used to enhance and extend the natural beauty of the skin. Leaves, flowers, seeds, nuts and fruit are some of the sources of products that can fight wrinkles and boost the glow of the skin. Bearberry leaves contain skin lightening properties and so it is being used as a natural product that reduces pigmentation. Acai berries are rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols that keep the skin supple and moisturized. Argon oil is called liquid gold for its ability to rejuvenate dull skin. It is the leaves of the tree that have plenty of glycerin so using it keeps wrinkles at bay add to this the fruit durian and your skin will look youthful always.

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Does tea consumption reduce stress?

Does tea consumption reduce stress?

Tea is an age-old remedy that is said to reduce sickness, anxiety and even stress, but does it really work? In this article, we’ll discuss how the consumption of tea reduces stress, based on medical research conducted by psychologists from the City University of London.

The history of tea as a remedy

Tea was primarily used as a medicinal drink during the days of the Shang Dynasty and was said to be a type of herbal remedy in an important medical document written by Hua Tuo. While it was primarily used in China for medicinal purposes in the 16th century, Britain decided to monopolize the idea of tea in the 17th century. This then created a mass tea production with India.

There are many legends about tea, surprisingly, and one revolves around an Emperor of China named Shennong around 2373 B.C. When he discovered drinking tea and was surprised by it’s properties that made him feel restored, he tested the tea on himself after self-poisoning to see if it would work. The tea also revolves around a more gruesome legend about the founder of Chan Buddhism, as the tea relaxed him too much.

Does tea reduce stress?

In a study conducted by Dr. Malcolm Cross and Rita Michaels, the intent around the original research was that they would find and measure better how well tea worked against anxiety and how calming it was naturally. They also wanted to conclude how tea affects stress. While this is more psychological than physical like the days of the Shang Dynasty, it was said that if tea could reduce physical pain, psychological would be no problem.

The chemical properties of tea consumption suggested that it makes the brain more alert; all while helping people recover from stress. When this happens, there is a huge weight lifted off the cardiovascular system.

In this study, there were a total of 42 people, half women and half men and they were texted by two psychological tests including:

  • Stat-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults
  • The Spielberger

After they were given these tests, they also conducted before and after experiments to talk in small focus groups. When this happened, they then split the volunteers into another two groups, not done by gender but generally, and one group was dubbed the “tea group” and the other was the “non tea group”.

When they were put through a stressful test, half with tea at hand and the others with none, they were able to conclude that:

  • The tea group actually had 25% more anxiety after the stress task was completed, compared to the tea-group.
  • The non-tea group had stress levels actually decrease by an additional 4% (after being NOT stressed at all, so ultra-unstressed)
  • Participants said they were relaxed
  • Participants said they felt safe with tea as a relaxation tool while under the stress test

Scientifically proven, tea does reduce anxiety and stress. We now wonder if the stories from the Shang Dynasty weren’t so far-fetched after all.

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The China Project

The China Project


The book, The China Project, written by T. Colin Campbell and his son Thomas M. Campbell II, summarizes an extensive and long-term study, titled the China-Cornell-Oxford Project (CCOP), on 6,500 Chinese citizens in 65 rural counties. The study looked at their diets, lifestyle and chronic diseases.

The authors found that the subjects of the CCOP had a significantly lower mortality rate from what the authors define as “western” diseases. The subjects of the CCOP were chosen for their genetic similarity and maintained a diet rich in plant-based food and avoiding all animal products including dairy.

The study used data from 1973-1975 death rates of western diseases in each of the same counties. The diseases included; coronary heart disease, diabetes, leukemia and multiple cancers. Ten years later data was again amassed in the same counties, collecting lifestyle and diet information and ignored other factors. The authors found a correlation between the rise in blood cholesterol and a rise in western diseases.

While the average blood cholesterol level of the Chinese citizens from the rural counties studied was 100 points lower than the average American blood cholesterol level. The rise in Chinese cholesterol level, while significantly lower than their American counterparts, still led to a prevalent rise in western diseases.

The authors concluded, from their findings, that the lower the diet in animal based products the better the health benefit. The subjects of the study on average consumed 7.1 grams of animal proteins a day, Americans consume 70 grams of animal proteins per day.

The authors say that their research, lowered blood cholesterol from a plant-based diet, can reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Adopting a plant based diet could even help those suffering from diabetes reduce their insulin or even stop insulin all together.

The study also found that a healthy dose of natural vitamin D works together with the healthy plant based diet to ward off the mentioned diseases. Consuming animal proteins raises the level of acidity in the blood and tissues. Calcium is pulled from the bone to neutralize the acidity. When there is too much calcium in the blood vitamin D is activated to help support the immune system. Exposing the body to natural vitamin D keep the body healthy and disease free.

Other diseases and chronic illnesses could be prevented or their prevalence reduced from avoiding animal proteins, including diary. Diseases and illnesses such as: dementia, cancers, heart disease, eye diseases, kidney stones, Osteoporosis, and arthritis.

The authors feel that this information, adopting a plant-based diet, avoiding animal proteins and getting sufficient vitamin D, could make great progress toward healthier living and a significant reduction of cancers that are wide spread across the United States.  In the book, The China Study, the authors states that according to the American Cancer Society “you have a 47% chance of getting cancer” if you are male and “if you are female, you fare a little better, but you still have a whopping 38% lifetime chance of getting cancer.” Americans have the highest rate of cancer motility in the world as well as the highest medical costs. It is the authors opinion, and is supported by their study, that Americans should rethink their diets and consider what we put into our bodies now has a long lasting affect on our health and even lower the massive medical and health care costs.

How stress affects our longevity

How stress affects our longevity

Stress is without a doubt something that any living creature is going to experience at some point in their lives. There are many reasons that can cause a person to get stressed. Being anxious about certain things that happen in our lives is also a cause for stress and this is a condition that was always speculated to cause health issues, but it’s not until now that we have discovered that research actually damage our DNA and reduce our lifespan.

What causes stress?

There are too many things that can cause stress. We could be stressed due to a very demanding and difficult occupation and we could also experience stress due to an illness in our family or because of a confrontational problem that we have with someone else. These are some of the most common reasons why people experience stress.

The damages caused by stress

The latest research conducted on the subject has shown that stress can damage our DNA if the stress levels are high for long periods of time. When we damage our DNA, we shorten our lifespan significantly and this is something that was only speculated, but is now proven to be true.

This is the reason why people in high stress jobs like air traffic control are usually paid so well. It has been proven that people who are in traffic control tend to live less and they also tend to develop serious health issues at a younger age than the average person does.

Stress is also responsible for making you sick more often than you would normally get sick. The biggest problem that we face with stress is that our immune system is weakened and this is the reason why we easily catch any kind of virus that comes our way.

The key is to learn to manage stress

Maybe you have a highly stressful job, but you are tempted to continue sacrificing your health because the paycheck is quite good. However, you need to ask yourself if any amount of money is worth damaging your health in the long run. Ask yourself if sitting on a mountain of gold is worth the many risks that come from a highly stressful lifestyle.

Learn to relax

One of the biggest reasons why we get so stressed in life is because we tend to take everything too seriously. We get caught up in fear of losing our job or anxiety because we have bills to pay and all of these things can start to accumulate and cause for higher levels of stress to build up. This is the main reason why we need to be careful not to fall into a habit of allowing stress to become part of our lives.

We can start to get used to stress and we begin to deal with it as part of our daily routine, but our bodies are being damaged more and more each day and this can reach a point that is basically beyond repair.

A healthy lifestyle with proper dieting and exercise will allow us to have much better results in every aspect of our lives. The best thing about this is that our stress levels will also be reduced and our immune system will be able to handle any stressful situations without being compromised.

Drinking white tea and lying on an acupressure mat can also help keep stress at bay.


Now that you know how harmful stress can be, you should start to pay more attention to the situations in your life that can cause higher levels of stress. This is going to allow you to take action and do whatever is necessary to avoid those situations.

Green Tea, the healthy choice

Green Tea, the healthy choice

For centuries tea has been a mass commodity round the world. The all natural supplements and wide array of flavors have always been a huge draw. As time moved on we realized that different tea had different affects on the body and mind. One of the leaders of the pack was the simple green tea.

Green tea was first found to create a higher energy once consumed. Over time it became apparent that I was a great weight loss supplement. Much other nutritional and overall health related efforts have been realized for this power drink in just the last 100 years.


Most people anymore tend to have a higher cholesterol level than is suggested. This can be caused by bad diet and lack of exercise as well as extra stress. Green tea helps relieve these pains and lower your cholesterol count.

Many studies have shown that people who drink a glass of green tea each day have a lower cholesterol count than before they started the study. This may not be a significant drop in cholesterol but when married with exercise and diet this is a fantastic way to get healthy. Some cases even show that cholesterol can be completely blocked out of the intestines by remnants of the green tea.


The sugar glucose level in your bloodstream is a major factor in diabetes. A great way to help naturally regulate this level is with green tea. By consuming normal amounts of the beverage each day studies have shown a normal level is more easily maintained throughout the entirety of the day. Keeping up with your disease can be hard and this is a great way to counter its offense.


The big C word. Cancer is a terrible tragedy to be diagnosed with. This horrific and scary disease can ruin your life and the life’s of everyone around you. With all of the Chemotherapy treatments you are likely to receive it is best to try and avoid ever getting it at all! In a world where everything seems to cause this disease somewhere within the body, it is nice having an extra layer of protection.

With all of its added benefits already it is hard to believe green tea can help break down cancer cells in the bod before they mix with your own. Preventing the cells from mixing with your white blood cells stops cancer from rampantly destroying your system and that avoids the monstrous weight on ones shoulders. Green tea can help heed off Bladder cancer, Breast Cancer, Ovarian cancer, Colorectal cancer, Esophageal cancer, Lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer and Pancreatic cancer! This long list is a great reason to begin drinking green tea today!

Life is far too short to leave anything up to chance. Give yourself and your loved ones an added layer of assurance by drinking the all-natural green tea supplement whenever you get the chance. A daily glass can save your life.See a range of high quality green teas here.

Mistake # 3 – Titanium Dermarollers for N.A.S.A

Mistake # 3 – Titanium Dermarollers for N.A.S.A

Several years ago, titanium micro needles entered the market with bold statements about how much better they were and a huge change they would bring into micro needling industry. For most consumers the use of titanium was a mystery and imagined as an expensive material from space industry, which made it of course better than stainless steel.

In reality titanium rollers were for the most part similar to most of the rollers on the market. Just a very thin layer of titanium was applied over regular stainless steel needles. It was certainly not enough to justify all the fuss around it as well as the claims about stronger and more durable needles.

It is worth noting that we as micro needle rollers suppliers are approached all the time by producers hoping to persuade us to sell their derma rollers. We can claim unequivocally that there is no difference in the purchasing price between cheap titanium rollers and cheap stainless steel rollers. Prices starts rising dramatically only when producers start focusing on quality needle production which takes more time and effort.

It still remains true that for medical devices used in surgery on your heart, stainless steel still is number one choice and a gold standard because of its proven hardness and durability. Syringes, acupuncture needles and scalpels are also made of stainless steel. Do you need further evidence of the value of stainless steel in production of devices?

I think we can safely leave all the titanium dermaroller excitement to marketing specialists and get back to focusing on micro needle rollers that really get the job done effectively!

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We hope that you enjoyed this article, so next week we will wait for you to read on the next dermaroller mistake!

Dermaroller Mistake 2. Thin Microneedles are better than wider needles

Dermaroller Mistake 2. Thin Microneedles are better than wider needles

Less is More?

This has been a favourite with some skin needling marketing over the last few years. The theory goes something like this. Wider needles are more painful and do more damage to the skin while thinner micro needles are gentler kinder to the skin and by some extension higher quality.

The most important myth to dispel here is the idea that thinner micro needles are in fact less painful. This is also the easiest part as there has been a direct scientific study on this subject.

This study was directly on how patients perceive pain form micro needling. It is referenced below and it showed that neither increasing micro needle width or thickness by 3 fold actually increased pain perception (1).

This is fairly obvious proof that the thinner micro needles are not less painful. IN fact quite the opposite can be true. The problem is thinner micro needles are much more likely to bend or become blunt due to their more fragile nature. A bent needle definitely does cause more pain and can infect tear up the surface of the skin which is counter productive as it is micro trauma down in the dermis of the skin that causes collagen induction.

The simple fact is that wider needles of about 0.3 gauge are often less painful than thinner microneedles and are also more durable and less likely to unnecessarily damage the surface of the skin.

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Next time we will discuss the myth of using titanium derma rollers

1. Gill, H. S., Denson, D., Burris, B. A. & Prausnitz, M. R. (2008). Effect of microneedle design on pain in human subjects. Clin J Pain. 24(7). 585-594.

Dermaroller Mistake Number 1 – More is better!

The first in our 7 part blog series on things to AVOID when buying a dermaroller. It is an ongoing series of dermaroller reviews

Dermaroller Mistake Number 1 – More is better!

There is a lot of advertising for rollers with more and more micro needles. The logic goes something like this – small needle mark produces collagen therefore the more needles holes produced faster the better. The rollers sold often have up to 540 micro needles on a single roller.

Unfortunately this does not really work and below I have listed the reasons for this.

  1. Most of these rollers are made using disc needles. This type of roller has the advantage of being quick and easy to make. The problem is disc needles are never as sharp or made of as higher quality metal. Hence they do not always penetrate the skin correctly, often scratching the skin causing inflammation but not at the correct level to induce collagen induction the whole purpose of needling.
  2. Roller width. To accomodate this amount of micro needles the rollers usually have to be very wide. This has several problems. Firstly you cant roll most parts of the body. It is okay at times for the stomach or thighs but absolutely hopeless on the face or anywhere where small patches of skin need to be treated. IN addition most of the human body is rounded so it is hard to ensure equal pressure on a wide roller. Inevitably one end or the other is not touching the skin correctly and therefore doing absolutely nothing.
  3. Needle spacing. To accomodate the extra needles the needles are usually placed closer together. This again affects needle penetration. Again if the needles do not penetrate to the correct depth they do not induce collagen.
  4. Scientific Research – All the major research on derma rollers that showed that they produce collagen was conducted on rollers with 192 or 200 micro needles with an agreed spacing between the micro needles. This is the number of needles and needle spacing that we know produces collagen. The other options including the 540 micro needle rollers are simply guessing. Rolling your skin regularly is a little too much work to do based on a guess that it might be effective.

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Hope you enjoyed this, next week we look at the titanium vs steel micro needle debate.

The Signs of Photoaging and Aging Skin

The signs of Photoaging and Aging Skin

If you think this has anything to do with photography, you are terribly wrong. Photoaging is a skin condition caused by prolonged exposure to UV rayys. The UV radiation can come both from the sun or from any other artificial source that emits them. The significance of photoaging is actually skin aging caused by light.

Even though it is considered to be an aging process, this type of aging is still very different from the skin aging produced by advancing in age. Due to too much sunlight exposure, or to artificial UV sources like tanning machines, the skin’s structure is altered in a different manner. Here is what you need to know about this skin damaging process.

It is not wrong to enjoy a bit of sunlight, as it stimulates the production of vitamin D, which helps calcium to fix in our bone system. Photoaging happens when we overdo with the exposure to sunlight or when we visit the tanning salons way too often. Many people enjoy  having tanned skin, but everything has a limit. Without responsible exposure out in the sun, in time intervals when the UV  rays are not that harmful, and without proper protection, including tanning salons, our skin can suffer.

In case you are wondering how photoaging looks like, here are some representative signs telling you that the skin may be damaged by UV light

  • Thin veins may start to be visible on the skin, in the shape of a spider, often being called spider veins. These veins appear on the cheek, nose, and neck.
  • Wrinkles will start to appear, in the shape of fine lines, usually around the eyes, mouth, and the lines on the forehead, as you frown, will become more visible. If the exposure to the UV light continues in the same manner, these wrinkles will become deeper and will become highly visible lines.
  • The skin will start to have an uneven color, brown spots and freckles being present on its surface.
  • Also, in the areas where the skin was most exposed, the skin tone is different to the rest of the surrounding areas.
  • The lips will look damaged as well, losing their fullness and natural color.
  • The skin will also lose its suppleness, starting to saggy and have a dry appearance.
  • Brown age spots will begin to appear on the face and arms.
  • Prolonged exposure to UV can lead to the actinic keratosis, which are red spots with a rough and scaly appearance. These can be pre-cancerous, so a close surveillance of this sign is required.

So, no matter how much you like the sun, you should limit it to a healthy amount. Try to enjoy the sun early in the morning, without exceeding 11 a.m. at most. Also, in the afternoon it is best to stay out of the sun until after 5 p.m. when the sun will not have as much power as it does at noon. It would be great if you can avoid tanning salons, as much as possible. Learn to accept yourself the way you are, even if you have a fairer skin complexion because it is not good to put your skin to such a stress.

A really good healthy diet helps prevent photoaging along with drinking lots of water and green tea. Using a dermaroller regularly can also treat and prevent photoaging in aging and youthful looking skin.