Dermaroller Mistake Number 1 – More is better!

The first in our 7 part blog series on things to AVOID when buying a dermaroller. It is an ongoing series of dermaroller reviews

Dermaroller Mistake Number 1 – More is better!

There is a lot of advertising for rollers with more and more micro needles. The logic goes something like this – small needle mark produces collagen therefore the more needles holes produced faster the better. The rollers sold often have up to 540 micro needles on a single roller.

Unfortunately this does not really work and below I have listed the reasons for this.

  1. Most of these rollers are made using disc needles. This type of roller has the advantage of being quick and easy to make. The problem is disc needles are never as sharp or made of as higher quality metal. Hence they do not always penetrate the skin correctly, often scratching the skin causing inflammation but not at the correct level to induce collagen induction the whole purpose of needling.
  2. Roller width. To accomodate this amount of micro needles the rollers usually have to be very wide. This has several problems. Firstly you cant roll most parts of the body. It is okay at times for the stomach or thighs but absolutely hopeless on the face or anywhere where small patches of skin need to be treated. IN addition most of the human body is rounded so it is hard to ensure equal pressure on a wide roller. Inevitably one end or the other is not touching the skin correctly and therefore doing absolutely nothing.
  3. Needle spacing. To accomodate the extra needles the needles are usually placed closer together. This again affects needle penetration. Again if the needles do not penetrate to the correct depth they do not induce collagen.
  4. Scientific Research – All the major research on derma rollers that showed that they produce collagen was conducted on rollers with 192 or 200 micro needles with an agreed spacing between the micro needles. This is the number of needles and needle spacing that we know produces collagen. The other options including the 540 micro needle rollers are simply guessing. Rolling your skin regularly is a little too much work to do based on a guess that it might be effective.

Have a look at the 192 Microneedle roller to see the difference!

Hope you enjoyed this, next week we look at the titanium vs steel micro needle debate.

The Signs of Photoaging and Aging Skin

The signs of Photoaging and Aging Skin

If you think this has anything to do with photography, you are terribly wrong. Photoaging is a skin condition caused by prolonged exposure to UV rayys. The UV radiation can come both from the sun or from any other artificial source that emits them. The significance of photoaging is actually skin aging caused by light.

Even though it is considered to be an aging process, this type of aging is still very different from the skin aging produced by advancing in age. Due to too much sunlight exposure, or to artificial UV sources like tanning machines, the skin’s structure is altered in a different manner. Here is what you need to know about this skin damaging process.

It is not wrong to enjoy a bit of sunlight, as it stimulates the production of vitamin D, which helps calcium to fix in our bone system. Photoaging happens when we overdo with the exposure to sunlight or when we visit the tanning salons way too often. Many people enjoy  having tanned skin, but everything has a limit. Without responsible exposure out in the sun, in time intervals when the UV  rays are not that harmful, and without proper protection, including tanning salons, our skin can suffer.

In case you are wondering how photoaging looks like, here are some representative signs telling you that the skin may be damaged by UV light

  • Thin veins may start to be visible on the skin, in the shape of a spider, often being called spider veins. These veins appear on the cheek, nose, and neck.
  • Wrinkles will start to appear, in the shape of fine lines, usually around the eyes, mouth, and the lines on the forehead, as you frown, will become more visible. If the exposure to the UV light continues in the same manner, these wrinkles will become deeper and will become highly visible lines.
  • The skin will start to have an uneven color, brown spots and freckles being present on its surface.
  • Also, in the areas where the skin was most exposed, the skin tone is different to the rest of the surrounding areas.
  • The lips will look damaged as well, losing their fullness and natural color.
  • The skin will also lose its suppleness, starting to saggy and have a dry appearance.
  • Brown age spots will begin to appear on the face and arms.
  • Prolonged exposure to UV can lead to the actinic keratosis, which are red spots with a rough and scaly appearance. These can be pre-cancerous, so a close surveillance of this sign is required.

So, no matter how much you like the sun, you should limit it to a healthy amount. Try to enjoy the sun early in the morning, without exceeding 11 a.m. at most. Also, in the afternoon it is best to stay out of the sun until after 5 p.m. when the sun will not have as much power as it does at noon. It would be great if you can avoid tanning salons, as much as possible. Learn to accept yourself the way you are, even if you have a fairer skin complexion because it is not good to put your skin to such a stress.

A really good healthy diet helps prevent photoaging along with drinking lots of water and green tea. Using a dermaroller regularly can also treat and prevent photoaging in aging and youthful looking skin.

Is It Possible to Sterilise a Dermaroller?

Is It Possible to Sterilise a Dermaroller?

What is a Dermaroller?

A dermaroller is a device that pierces the skin with many small surgical needles. This causes tony areas of damage in the skin, and so the skin will react to this by renewing damaged cells. It has been known to help with blemishes, acne scars, wrinkles, cellulite etc. You can use a dermaroller by yourself at home, or you can have it done by a professional.

As the needles of a dermaroller pierce the upper layers of the skin (though when correctly used should never cause you to bleed), there is always a risk of infection or contamination when it comes to the improper cleaning of a dermaroller. So, what’s the best way to properly clean a dermaroller? How do you sterilise a dermaroller? Or more importantly, is it even possible to sterilise a dermaroller? Is it necessary?

What is Sterilisation?

Now strictly speaking, you cannot sertilise a dermaroller. It is impossible. The word sterilise has a very strict medical definition, this definition being ‘the process of destroying all microorganisms and their pathogen products.’ In other words, it means that the roller is as clean as though it had never been used on anyone’s skin before, and therefore can be used safely on a new person’s skin without running the risk of contamination or infection. This process is just not possible with a dermaroller.

The only way of actually sterilising medical equipment such as this, is by using an autoclaving machine. An autoclaving machine is a pressurized chamber in which objects are placed and are subjected to high pressure, saturated steam at around 121 degrees celsius, or 249 degrees fahrenheit. Autoclave machines are used in all kinds of industries including medicine, tattooing, dentistry, and veterinary science, to name but a few. They are the most widely used and efficient way of sterilising objects that have small crevices and gaps where bacteria can hide. Unfortunately because of the materials used to make dermarollers, this high pressure and heat would melt the roller and also damage the needles.

Beware False Claims

Many manufacturers that make and sell dermarollers, often sell an accompanying cleaning product or method that promises to ‘sterilise’ the dermaroller after you use it. These manufacturers may be trying to fool you, or they simply may not understand the definition of sterilisation. Either way it is best to stick to manufacturers who promise only to ‘disinfect’ your dermaroller. To disinfect if to ‘kill or inactivate harmful and objectionable bacteria, cysts, and other microorganisms’. Disinfection is enough to ensure that you do not contract any infections or skin conditions when using your roller, and it is all you really need. Colloidal silver is our preferred cleaner.

There are many tutorials and Youtube videos out there of people who claim to be sterilising their dermarollers using alcohol and other methods, but what they are actually doing is disinfecting it. This is the proper way to clean your dermaroller, however not the proper word to use in describing the cleaning process.


Do Lip Pumping Products Work?

Do Lip Pumping Products Work?

Having fuller and plumper lips is the wish of every woman. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not that generous with all of us, offering just a pair of thin lips. Well, you might think that with the help of so many cosmetic treatments these days, anyone can get plumper lips. And you are right, but are these plumping products and treatments really work? For how long will they give you the dream lips you want and with what consequences? Is it worth enduring some degree of discomfort just to have your lips pumped? There are questions that some women do not think about, being attracted by the mirage of having fuller lips. Every existent treatment will come with a risk and some of them, including celebrities, ended up having bad experiences, and results, after choosing a lip pumping product.

The desire of women to have fuller lips made cosmetic manufacturers release products that can be sold over the counter, without any doctor’s recommendation. But are these products reliable and how do they work? Well, lip pumping creams function on the same principle as when you suffer a bee sting or pinch your lips hard. What happens is that the lip gets inflamed and with a fuller appearance all of a sudden. So don’t be amazed if you are going to feel some numbness, tingling sensation or burning, while the product is doing its job on your lips. Some results will show, not as spectacular as in the case of getting an injection in a beauty clinic, but something will be noticeable. Still, since it is the same effect as an insect sting, how many do you think you can handle? Not too many, because using such products too much and too often can lead to severe irritations on your lips, having an unaesthetic appearance.

Also, you should know that the results of these lip pumper products, which come in the shape of creams, gels, lip balms and so on, will only last for a couple of hours, in case you will handle the burning sensation. Some of the most seen side effects of using too much lip pumpers will be scaling and dryness, being exactly what you don’t need if you have thin lips. Some new generation products have a more complex composition, promising also to offer you extended results. The composition of these lip pumpers may contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and even human growth hormones. As manufacturers’ claim, the products should boost the elastin and collagen production in your lips, making them look plumper. Well, don’t expect to have a magnificent result. They will appear a bit fuller, and you can enhance that option illusion by using a bit of a light colored shimmer on your lipstick or lip gloss, in the center of your lips. So if you want to get the look of Angelina Jolie, you will be far from the truth. Those lips are a born trait, not obtained with lip pumping creams. Some makeup artists will use the scrubbing technique, before applying the lip plumper product, for a better result, but again, exaggerate scrubbing will exfoliate and damage your lips.

If we are to take a look at the available cosmetic products that can make an appearance difference for your lips, these are the injections with lip fillers. They are much more expensive than a regular lip pumping product, but also offer a visible result that will last. Today, most injections of this kind use hyaluronic acid as a filler, since it is a substance found naturally in our body, making it safer to be utilized for this purpose. If you are wondering how long the effects will last, you should know that in normal conditions, your lips should look plumper for about six months. Afterwards, you will need to repeat the injection if you want to maintain the shape and look of your lips. But, do not think that these injections are flawless. They come with a series of side effects, some milder and some more dangerous. The lips can bleed during the procedure, they can get bruised, swollen, and you can experience an increased sensitivity in the lips. Such an injection can also lead to an asymmetry between lips, infections, lip stiffness, lumps, bruises that can last more than a week, allergic reactions and many other unwanted consequences.

There are quite a few examples of celebrities that overdid the lip filler injection treatment, or they had the misfortune to get a severe side-effect. The result? A very unnatural appearance. Leslie Ash, Donatella Versace, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Kylie Jenner and many other female celebrities got caught in the promise of getting a lip filler injection and ended up looking very unattractive. We all remain stunned at the sight of their photos, thinking just how wrong these lip pumping treatments went, practically ruining the shape of their faces. So it is not about money and affording to get an expensive treatment, because everything that is done in a forced manner will lead to unwanted results.

Dermaroller Lip Plumping after 1 hour

Still, are there any chances to have fuller lips? The answer is yes, there is a way, much safer than any of the previously mentioned treatments. But, you should know that it is a treatment that won’t offer results overnight, but change the way your lips look in time, through a safer and healthier way. The Lotus Roller dermaroller treatment, provided by White Lotus, will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin internally, instead of forcing them in from the outside. Thus, once your body starts making its own reserves of collagen and elastin, these substances will no longer be eliminated, the way it happens in the case of lip filler injections, offering you a result for a more extended period. The treatment is not aggressive, not using any irritating substances or using any scrubs, which can in time lead to severe dehydration and damage to your lips. The Lotus Roller may act a bit slower, but you can be sure that results will show and they will be much safer and lost lasting, without having to suffer any discomfort or side-effect.

The Truth About The Water In Moisturisers.

The Truth About The Water In Moisturisers.

The beauty industry is constantly revealing new products that promise healthy skin that is left looking rejuvenated, younger and feeling softer. It seems every month there is a new product that utilizes breakthrough ingredients or technology used to sale you another cream or cleansers. There are a number of misconceptions about what can actually help and benefit your skin when in actuality there is not secret ingredient or magic potions. All natural ingredients will give you the healthy looking skin you want and what many on the market skin care products are not providing you.


What many people often do not realize is that the cream moisturisers they purchase, that claims to rehydrate your skin, actually do very little to hydrate more than the outer layer of skin. These cream products are made with oil in water solutions and often times contain up to 80% of water and very little oil. This high water ration is what gives your skin that instant smooth feeling and look. These effects are short lasting, which often requires constant application.  Contrary to what you may think these high levels of water can aid in damaging your skin even further.


There are two main ways that this water in moisturisers is actually damaging your skin further instead of helping it. The water in these cream moisturizers never actually penetrates the lower skin layers. Because your skin is waterproof this water just sits on the outer layer of skin softening it and eventually evaporates. There are two ways the use of these cream moisturizers will harm your skin.

1.)   The cream moisturisers actually throw off the balance of your skin’s natural moisturizers. Because the water in moisturisers softens the outer layer of skin they are actually pulling your skin’s natural moisturisers out. All this added water from the moisturizers as well as the natural moisture from your skin evaporates together. More often this will leave your skin prone to more dryness, irritations and unprotected from other free agents.

2.)  Cream moisturisers are an oil water emulsions and the fats it comes in contact with will emulsify. This leaves the skin drier because it degreases the skin at a much deeper level.


Healthy glowing and hydrated skin is the result of maintaining the natural balance in your skin where it can cleanse and cool the body through a natural release of moisture. With the release of this moisture it also has to be able to retain enough on its own to keep the skin smooth, soft and firm. The way to restore this natural order and balance in you skin is by giving it the natural oils it lacks. Natural oils can act as a lubricant that waterproofs the skin and hair. As you get older your body begins to produce less of the necessary oils needed to keep your skins moisture in balance, which will lead to drier skin.

Organic Plant Based Oils-

Often times your skin will never receive the oil it needs just on changing your diet to incorporate more omega 3 fatty acids or other essential oils alone. Since your skin is the outermost layer of your body these oils never make it their, which is why applying organic plant based oils directly to the skin is the best way to help moisturize your skin.


Organic Serums

White Lotus Serums offers a number of highly beneficial serums that are made exclusively from all natural organic ingredients. They are a company that has done years of testing to provide you with not only the best quality product but also one that will remarkably improve your skin.

White Lotus Organic Serums offers serums that can specifically help reduce scars, stretch marks and reduce the signs of aging. Each of their serums use green tea oil and is infused only with natural herbs. The benefits of using the green tea oils range from reducing fine lines to promoting skin cell growth. None of the serums contain water you will find.

For truly moisturized skin avoid the cream and instead try White Lotus Anti Aging serums. Made from all natural organic ingredients, and with no additional water, the benefits of these serums balance your skin and leave it looking and feeling naturally younger in no time.


The Chinese face reading method

The Chinese face reading method

The Chinese people were always preoccupied with developing efficient methods for diagnosing someone’s state of health. They can read your body, tongue and even your face, to seek for signs that may give them a clue of what could be wrong. Thus, with the provided answers, they managed to find a treatment that is efficient and restores the balance in the body. And these techniques were not bogus at all since they were highly used in the ancient times and managed to survive until our modern days, being used for the same purposes. Do you wish to know how the Chinese face reading method works and what it can tell about your health? Then keep reading as you are about to find out in the following lines.

The face reading technique is 3,000 years old, but it is used today with the same success by people that use the Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a way to discover and cure one’s illnesses. If you would like to get your face read, you will be surprised to find out that the number of people knowing how to do this is very scarce. Still, there is a possibility of acquiring the knowledge for yourself, with the help of a comprehensible Face Reading DVD, provided by White Lotus. Why should you get this DVD? Well, you will learn how to identify health issues when they are at an early stage, increasing the chances for a more efficient and short-term treatments. It is said that this method can reveal up to 70% of the health problems one can have, by merely reading the signs that appear on the face. And this is an excellent percentage, especially as a self-diagnose method.

Also, you should not panic about what face reading can show you, since what you may find are just some warning signs, helping you treat the problem in its incipient stages. So it is nothing too severe, but it contributes to maintain a proper health status over time. Ancient Chinese people believe that each part of the face can show how an individual organ inside the body is feeling, and if there are any problems connected to it. Thus, the cheeks are considered to be the reflection of lungs, the brows may say something about the liver and lips are connected with our digestive system. But these are just mere examples since there is much more than that when it comes to Chinese face reading. The color of the face, creases, marks, spots, everything, works just like a map, indicating what may be wrong and needs to be adjusted, concerning our body functioning and health.

The White Lotus Face Reading DVD will show you all the details you must know for an efficient and accurate face reading. Prevention is the best treatment, so knowing when it is time to visit the doctor, before something more severe happens, may save you from a lot of trouble and sufferance. Instead of self-medicating just because you think something is wrong with you, which is a destructive method, it is best to learn how to read signs of potential illness, and get the medical help that is best for you.

The effects of ginseng on the skin for anti-aging- Ginseng Skincare

The effects of ginseng on the skin for anti-aging- Ginseng Skin Care

Little do many people know that Ginseng is a great health agent and can be used in a multiple ways to help reduce wrinkles and other health issues that people may have. When placed in to moisturizers that can be used for the face, it holds many healing properties that are a good remedy for wrinkles and fighting against anti-aging. Due to it being a natural herb, Ginseng has been known to cause the skin to look healthier and clearer. It also has the ability to help the body’s natural production of collagen and helps to produce more and make your skin more firm.

Any time someone is involved in an accident in which they get a burn, cut or other medical issue, Ginseng has been known to have natural healing properties which aids in heal time. Even with more minor issues that are associated with shaving, Ginseng can be a great healing agent to speed up healing time. When it is made in to a cream Ginseng is proven to increase healing properties on cuts and burns, it also increases the body’s response to fighting infections and keeping them out.

Ginseng in multiple studies have shown that mixed with other natural ingredients will also repair damage done by the sun. For those who are getting older in age this is some good news as it has the ability to help your body not only produce healthy amounts of collagen, but also helps it to continue to have that stretchy elasticity which also prevents aging and wrinkles. Other things that it’s said to help with as far as the face goes, is helping to prevent acne and other skin issues that often require visits to the dermatologist.

Unlike most products that we see on television commercials, magazine ads and on the internet, is Ginseng isn’t full of chemicals. In fact, it’s all natural and can be found around Asia in temperatures that are milder than traditional forested areas.  While many products have chemicals and are more harmful than what they advertise, you’ll never have to worry about that with Ginseng. In fact, it has been said to remove the harmful effects of products that are actually full of harmful chemicals.

In fact, there are more than one type of Ginseng roots that can be found all around the world. While it may be a bit harder to find the roots themselves, you can find various helpful products with them in health stores. With the different types out there, each has different types of healing properties and agents that can help the body heal, improve and feel better when used correctly. They’ve been known to aid in everything from skin issues, healing injuries, diabetes and so much more. There are so many reasons we encourage people to stop using those over the counter treatments and creams and start using more healthy and effective products that have Ginseng and other natural herbs in it.

Have a look at the White Lotus Anti Aging Organic Skincare range that utilises ginseng in their formulations.

Things to Know About Dermarollers

Things to Know About Dermarollers

Dermarollers have become more and more prominent lately in the world of skin care, but what exactly is it that they do? A dermaroller is a small wheel with tiny surgical needles attached. The needles come in different lengths, depending on your needs. There is also a similar product called a dermastamp, which is a flat surface with the needles attached. A dermastamp is good for smaller, more precise areas, while the dermaroller can cover larger areas of the face and body for treatment.

Dermarollers create micro channels in the skin through the small abrasion of the needle, which allows any skin care products that are applied afterward to absorb much more easily. This level of micro trauma also induces collagen production by stimulating the skin cells. This can be used for anti aging, scar treatment, and just improving the overall quality of the skin, among other things. The derma roller has been tested and proven to produce results by many different drug and medical studies. There are also many skin care and beauty experts that swear by the derma roller for improving the quality of the skin and reducing damage from scars, cellulite, and other skin issues.

Many people are intimidated of the derma roller because of the needles. Although they are quite small, many are concerned that using the derma roller will be very painful. Small needles are generally not painful at all when used correctly. There are specific derma rolling techniques that should be used to avoid skin damage. Make sure to place your index finger on top of the handle of the derma roller during use. This creates downward pressure, which creates the most efficient micro channels and allows your skin care products to penetrate most efficiently. Also, this downward pressure is the most comfortable way to use a derma roller. It is also extremely important that the needles of the derma roller are sharp and high quality. If the needles are too blunt, you will run the risk of tearing the skin and doing permanent damage. It is also preferable to use a stainless steel derma roller to a titanium one. Stainless steel is the highest quality material for a derma roller and are generally considered to be the most durable on the market. If you have more questions about using a derma roller, they come with complete instructions for use, or you can consult your dermatologist.

Overall, derma rollers are a great way to improve your skin quality regardless of what products you are using with it. However, needling is a holistic process, and for maximum results, one should use high quality organic and natural products with the derma roller. Using harsh chemicals may clear up skin problems quickly, but in the long run they will be damaging to your skin. Investing in the highest quality derma roller you can, as well as natural skin products, is a quick and effective way to work towards improving your skin quality in the long run.

What Makes White Lotus Dermaroller Treatments So Different

What Makes White Lotus Dermaroller Treatments So Different 

When it comes to dermaroller treatments, not just any type of skin needling, but a natural and less intrusive skin needling treatment approach, White Lotus is the way to go. Here are 3 skin needling approaches that makes the White Lotus skin needling treatment so different from the others.

1. Natural Approach

White Lotus makes use of only natural substances in its skin needling treatment. This basic belief stems from the fact that they use only the smallest needles possible with a view to achieving great results. This makes for holistic microneedling. In addition, all the treatments involved are done only through natural processes as well as using the watery part of the plant fluid (lotus) in all their treatments.

2. Needle Technology Expertise

Needle technology just gets better with White Lotus. Being experts in what they do, White Lotus makes use of very high quality micro needles in every of their products as well as make available specialist methods including continuous support with a view to helping you achieve your end results. Every dermaroller product by White Lotus is machine assembled as well as sterile. You very much have nothing to worry about with White Lotus, technology wise. It is safe to say that White Lotus products last much longer than others do.

3. Traditional Medicine Approach

White Lotus aligns themselves with the traditional medicine systems like the Chinese medicine in every of their methods and treatment products. The traditional medicine approach to treatments was designed to work with the whole body and not just some part. This makes every treatment to work with the individual instead of trying to surmount the body’s defenses.

These 3 approaches to dermaroller treatments makes it possible for White Lotus to deliver the best treatment possible with regards to holistic beauty dermaroller treatments.

Why you should use organic skin care/beauty products?

Why you should use organic skin care/beauty products?

There is no way to deny the importance of makeup to most women. This is used to enhance the beauty and facial expression and it has been widely accepted in most societies in every corner of the glove. In this article, we are going to be talking about he reasons why you should switch to organic skin care and beauty products as soon as possible.

The problem with a lot of skin care and beauty products is that they contain many chemicals in some cases that have been directly linked to many serious health concerns, with cancer being one of the most common links. This is something that has made a lot of people feel uneasy about the kind of products that they can use. Luckily, the organic makeup and skin care products that are available today are here to get rid of all of those concerns for the modern woman.

The truth is that organic makeup is actually much better for you, but companies are not interested in selling products that are cheaper to make, because this would bring their sales down. They usually hide behind their popularity and their famous brands, but their skin care products and their makeup are in no way better than organic products. Just keep this in mind at all times when you purchase anything for your skin.

Another great advantage with the organic products is that they are environmentally friendly and this is reason enough to choose them over anything else that is out there on the market right now. We know that this is not something that concerns your skin your beauty and we certainly understand if you want to look your best, but we guarantee you will look even better by using organic products. The best thing is that you would also feel like you are contributing to a revolution to save the world.

A large number of women have ben switching to these kinds of products lately and they have discovered that they are feeling much better in every aspect of their lives. The chemicals used in most of the top selling beauty products are actually causing all kinds of health issues to woe in the long run, but this is happening gradually and linking it to the makeup hasn’t been easy. There is plenty of medical proof that many of those chemicals are directly linked to cancer, but the amount of exposer is lower with skin care and beauty products that use them.

The truth is that you are the only one who can make this change and open your eyes to the many serious side effects that can come from the use of the big brands. When you are finally introduced to the word of organic skin and beauty products, you will be completely blown away by the great results you get and the incredibly comforting feeling of knowing you are using 100% natural ingredients to take care of your health and also take care of your planet.

With that said, we invite you to try out some of the top selling organic products available on the market. You will be happy to pay for products that are affordable, efficient and also good for you. This is going to be a huge change in your life and you will be glad that you had the chance to make it happen. Organic beauty products and organic skin care in general are the most logical choice, because the earth truly does provide everything we need in order to survive and to be healed.