How frequently do I use the Dermaroller?

How frequently do I use the Dermaroller ?

What is the ideal interval for using the Lotus roller dermaroller?

Due to so many contradicting facts on the internet, the very topic is so controversial that uncountable number of people are getting are doubtful, even when they see the truth.

Several years back, some skin treatment medications prescribed daily treatments so as to obtain best growth in collagen.

The latest studies have revealed that a set of enzymes popularly referred to as collagenase become more active and flourishes almost 14 days following the initial treatments. These enzymes in question are saddled with the responsibility breaking down the previous nonaligned collagen fibres located inside scar tissue.

Indeed, virtually all sites focus their discussion or teaching based on how to produce fresh layer of collagen being an integral part of the medication. The truth of the matter is that the story does not end there. You still need to make room for fresh skin around the spot by breaking down the former scar tissue.

Your 14 days waiting implies that you are giving all the enzymes to be very active and begin to reduce prior to the resumption of producing fresh collagen corresponding to the most recent treatments

Potentially, it has been revealed that it is not impossible that daily needling is likely to produce a relatively longer term level of inflammation inside the skin but without any noticeable improvement on the outcome.

Giving the above reasons, therefore, 14 days should be the most appropriate interval between dermaroller treatments for desirable and wonderful result. For more instruction on how to use the dermaroller see the holistic microneedling dvd and book 


Does Dermaroller work- What is a Dermaroller

Does Demaroller work- What is a Dermaroller?

Women go to great lengths to improve their skin texture and remove the fine lines and wrinkles that make them look so much older than they actually are. The secret to youth is collagen and elastin that keep skin healthy, strong, firm and elastic. Very often the buildup of free radicals, caused by unhealthy diets, exposure to the sun and other factors, is responsible for destroying collagen, causing skin to shrink and wrinkle.

There are many anti-aging creams and treatments that profess to boost collagen and bring back youth to the skin, but the one that’s doing rounds just now is Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy that’s said to be suitable to any kind of skin type and all areas of the neck, hands and face.

Surgical Stainless steel microneedles ranging from 0.5mm to 1.5mm in length are used while performing skin needling, which is also known as derma rolling. Here the needles are applied to the skin directly; the needles puncture the skin in an effort to stimulate collagen and produce elastin.

The logic that works here is like this: when the skin is punctured, the skin automatically tries to heal itself and in the process produces those wonder proteins that rejuvenate the skin. This treatment is found to be successful to treat scars and also stretch marks. When the needles puncture the skin, blood spots occasionally may appear. The aim of puncturing the skin is to trick it into making the damaged collagen come into contact with blood plasma. When this happens, it triggers the production of more collagen. You do not need to intentionally bleed the skin to get results. Ensure you use a high quality dermaroller– as bad ones will damage the skin

The effects of skin needling depend upon the length and gauge of the needles used and also the pressure applied. Derma rollers that have short needles – 0.2mm or 0.3mm are mostly used for exfoliation and to increase circulation—it’s more like a face massage but it does not induce collagen like the 0.5mm. The longer, thinner needles from  1.0 mm or 1.5 mm upwards are the ones that cause the skin to break and produce spots of blood. Necessarily then, the risk of injury and infection is greater with these

Skin needling can be done in an ordinary home setting and the best part is you don’t require costly equipment. It is being seen as an alternative to laser treatment as the risks are minimum. Although microneedling can be used all over the body, the main areas that are usually targeted are the face, chest and neck.

A word of caution though—do exercise care while using dermarollers as skin needling can compromise the skin to great degrees. Cleaning the skin thoroughly and using products to calm and soothe the skin post and pre- needling does go a long way in reducing the possible risk of infection. Make sure you use the correct technique to get the best results and also the best equipment.

Although one doesn’t see resounding success after skin needling, this minimally invasive skin procedure has produced good results, especially in cases involving scarring, hair loss, stretch marks, anti aging and acne.

Although three or four treatments (with gaps in between treatments) seem to be the ideal suggested, for a wrinkle-free face, you need to keep at it—it’s a long-time commitment and requires patience—so don’t expect results overnight. But do expect long term consistent improvement in your skin, as you build more collagen after each treatment!

The benefits of Charmeuse Silk

The benefits of Charmeuse Silk


Silk Has been scientifically proven to:

1. Have High Antioxidant and Antibacterial properties

2.Prevents Bed Hair and wrinkles

3.Is a natural protein containing 18 amino acids that benefit the skin

4. Silk is Hypoallergenic- repelling dustmites, fungas, mould and mildew- Great for people who suffer allergies and look ‘puffy’

5.Scientific studies have proven it to help eczema, dermatitis etc

6. It is a proven heat regulator and Moisture regulator.

There is so much research on silk- I have listed some of the best findings below and the research articles.

“The sericin in the silk is an antioxidant protein. The protective effect of sericin was evident in terms of significant reduction in tumor incidences and tumor multiplicity. The results suggest that sericin possesses a photoprotective effect against UVB-induced acute damage and tumor promotion by reducing oxidative stress”

Sustained-release of protein from biodegradable sericin film, gel and sponge.

Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratories, Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 4365-1 Kashiwabara, Hotaka, Azumino 399-8304, Japan.

“Sericin has a unique affinity with other proteins which allows it to bind very effectively to the keratin of the skin and hair to form a multifunctional protective film that is moisturizing, protective anti-wrinkle film, leaving the skin with a smooth, silky feeling and substantiates several appropriate cosmetic effects. Its versatility makes Sericin a very valuable natural ingredient for a wide range of cosmetic products”.

Silk sericin as a moisturizer: an in vivo study

Department of Pharmaceutics, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune, India.

“It is clear that regeneration of the epidermis and dermis of the wound beds covered with silk film was faster…Therefore, silk film offers advantages over other dressings and may be clinically useful for wound treatment.”

Promotive Effects of a Silk Film on Epidermal Recovery from Full-Thickness Skin Wounds- ebm journal- abstract 225/1/58

1987 Dr. Samuel J. Stegman described “Sleep Creases”. His discovery was confirmed by James E. Fulton MD. PhD and Farnaz Gaminchi MD in 1999, who pointed out that “There is a correlation between the location of the underlying SMAS or aberrant scar tissue and sleep lines. Sleep wrinkles are accentuated by pillow contact…”. [

A new phenomenon: “Sleep lines” on the face, Scandinavian journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery and hand surgery, 2004, vol. 38, no4, pp. 244-247 [4 page(s) (article)]

Sleep Lines

James E. Fulton MD, PhD andFarnaz Gaminchi MD,

‘Dermatologic Surgery’

Article first published online: 24 DEC 2001

Silk is a smoother material than cotton and linen and thus minimises night creases or “sleep lines”.

Swiss scientists published research showing that sericin, the protein in silk, can adhere to the keratin (protein) in skin and hair resulting in a perceptible “homogeneous protective film”. This means silk can form a barrier layer, helping retain moisture and possibly having a plumping, anti-wrinkle effect.

Inhibitory effects of silk protein, sericin on UVB-induced acute damage and tumor promotion by reducing oxidative stress in the skin of hairless mouse

By Siqin Zhaorigetua, Noriyuki Yanakaa, Masahiro Sasakib, Hiromitsu Watanabec and Norihisa Kato

Clinical studies have proven that silk can help ease conditions such as:

Eczema or atopic dermatitis


Sensitive skin

Allergic rash



post-chemotherapy sensitive skin

physiological skin flora

Clinical effectiveness of a silk fabric in the treatment of atopic dermatitis

G. Ricci, A. Patrizi, B. Bendandi, G. Menna, E. Varotti, M. Masi

British Journal of Dermatology, Volume 150, Issue 1,pages 127-131, January 2004

Pediatric allergy and immunology : official publication of the European Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

For the best silk pillow case in the UK look at white lotus

The advantages of a dermaroller treatment offered by a reliable provider

The advantages of enjoying a derma roller treatment offered by a reliable provider

When it comes to beauty and the health of our skin, it is important to be able to enjoy the high-quality treatment, for optimum results. As you may know already, there are many beauty and skin care providers that claim to sell or offer genuine dermaroller treatments. Unfortunately, the quality of most dermarollers on the market and in salons are doubtable. On the other hand, White Lotus respect both the manufacturing quality of a dermaroller and uses it in the best way possible, to obtain visible results after a skin treatment. And this is not only a rough statement since there are three broad reasons why White Lotus has product and procedures so different from the rest.

  1. For all the offered treatments, White Lotus uses only natural products, without any chemical content

It is crucial to use only the best products during and after a derma roller treatment because the skin’s ability to absorb increases considerably. The microneedles of a dermaroller will create access ways into the skin, permitting the substances on the surface to penetrate better and enter into the skin’s structure. The effect is almost like ingesting a substance, this is why it is important to use only natural and organic products, which would also be safe for internal consumption. Some dermaroller providers may try to sell dermarollers with regular body lotions or creams. But would you eat those? Very less likely, since they contain high concentrations of preservatives and harmful ingredients.

  1. Concerning the procedures, White Lotus uses the ones that are less invasive, but offer best results

A skin caring treatment should not produce pain or discomfort. So even if microneedles are involved, White Lotus will make sure that each person is treated according to the type of skin and needs, without suffering any pain. Thus, needle lengths are chosen based on this aspects, to make sure that the treatment is efficient, but without harming the skin. Many other companies claim that one needle size is suitable for everybody, but the unique physiology of each person may need to use a different size than in the rest of the cases. So such claim is untrue and leads people into confusion. Not having a proper needle length in your dermaroller may lead to no results, or to a too painful treatment.

  1. All treatments are based on oriental principles, which use mild techniques and natural products

The White Lotus company was started by people that thoroughly studied the skin needling procedure in a high number of Asian countries, China and Malaysia, and even around the world. They gathered precious information only from experienced specialists in this field and did not start using the technique based on a shallow documentation. Thus, skin needling performed at White Lotus is done exactly after the oriental rules, being conducted in a correct manner and with the minimization of any painful effects of the treatment. So you can be sure that the treatment will have the desired results, the ones it was created for, but without leaving visible traces or to be hard to take. Everything is done in a safe, clean and protective environment.

Dermaroller Scams


We will be describing about dermaroller scams so before describing these scams we should know, what derm roller really is?

A Dermaroller is a type of skin needling, which is used to arouse your skin’s own ordinary collagen creation by 1000% of its typical production and allows for skin care products to be delivered into the skin 200 times more effectively.

Now a days scams have become really common, people are being scammed not only by small companies but also by some of the renowned companies as well. So today we will be discussing about dermaroller scams.

I am highlighting some of the major scams of derma roller within the market.

  1. Dermaroller can’t work without Vitamin A:

Many companies uses Vitamin A and some other products during the needling of the skin. Well according to Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) using Micro Needles; 1st edition February 2006. 2nd revision January 2007, this is not true. Some of the best known also tried it without using any product.

As I described above needling can stimulate the production of collagen without using any product that can have side effects and can harm your skin.

  1. All type of products can be used:

When it comes to say that all types of products can be used when needling your skin, so there comes a thing in your mind that there would be any kind of harmful effect when using different products. So yes it’s a scam. When you use dermaroller the absorption of skin is increased to almost 10,000 times. So some companies use their beauty products during derma roller. This can be sometimes really harmful because the absorption of the product is increased and it can led to skin cancer.

  1. The confusion between 0.3 or shorter micro needles and 1.5mm or longer micro needles:

There always been a confusion, some companies say 0.3mm or shorter micro needles are just perfect for derma roller and some say that 1.5mm or longer micro needles to use for your skin. According to studies that shortest micro needles that can produce collagen should be at least0.5mm long and these micro needles are also the most effective. Let me explain you why? If a dermaroller is to produce collagen it must pass through the layers of the skin called the epidermis to the deeper layers called the dermis. As the epidermis is approximately 0.1-0.15mm thick so it is assumed that the 0.3mm micro needle would be enough but this is not how it works, our skin is uneven so the 0.3mm needles can’t be penetrated to its full length and the result is the collagen is not produced and all the time and money spend on dermaroller go in vain.

At the end I just want to tell you all that the most important thing is your own health, you just have to keep track of the things you are dealing with, sometimes its better to talk to professional or do a bit of research on your own.

Don’t make the mistake of buying the cheapest dermaroller around. They are often not sterilised and are hand assembled. A tell tale sign is that they are not in tamper evident packaging. They also have very poor needles that are placed so close together they cannot penetrate the dermis- they simply just scratch. Or the needles are so poor, they are not sharp again cannot penetrate the skin and just catch like a fishing rod on the skin. This is not going to give you the results you want. Spend more, buy a quality roller, they will last for years and get the results you want.

Dermaroller compared to other cosmetic treatments

Dermaroller compared to other cosmetic treatments

With the many choices available in the market, it might be difficult for a person to pick the best and the most effective non-surgical skin care technique. One popular technique known as “Dermaroller Therapy” utilizes a skin needling device with multiple surgical needles. The technique stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely resulting in a skin which is smoother, brighter, younger looking, and healthier. Dermarollers can be used to improve wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, sun damaged skins, etc. here is a comparison o f derma roller technique with other popular cosmetic treatments.
Dermarollers vs. IPL (Intense Pulse Light): Even though IPL has been known to increase collagen type 1 and 3, it has been observed that Dermarollers are more effective in increasing collagen type within 3 weeks of treatment. Dermarollers are also better for aging skin when compared to IPL.
Dermarollers vs. Laser Skin Resurfacing (LSR): Laser Skin Resurfacing technique is used to get rid of the old skin and pretty much offers the same benefits as derma rollers. But derma rollers are manual while LSR uses a laser beam and leaves many side effects such as scars. Another drawback of LSR is its high price. Dermaroller technique is definitely more cost-effective than the LSR treatment with better results.
Dermaroller vs. chemical peels: Chemical peel is a technique which induces the skin to peel off so that new and fresh skin is smoother and less wrinkled. A chemical solution is used on the skin to make the dead skin peel off to make room for new and improved skin. Side effects of chemical peels can be pigment changes, white heads, changes in skin texture and prolonged erythema (red skin usually in patches).
Dermarollers vs. microdermabrasion: Similar to derma rollers, microdermabrasion also stimulates collagen production which results in younger and healthier looking skin. Although, both follow the same process, microdermabrasion removes the outer layer of the skin. Those who get microdermabrasion treatment experience skin irritation and acne breakout. Those with darker skin also complain of having skin discoloration. On the other hand, derma rolling is a naturally healing process and doesn’t use any aggressive techniques.
Dermaroller vs. Botulinum toxin: Also known as Botox simply blocks the transfer between the nerves and the muscles which help remove wrinkles. But the process of micro needling works naturally to create collagen. Even though the process of micro needling takes longer time than Botox treatment, it is more effective and lasts longer.
Dermaroller vs. Dermal Fillers: Also known as injectible fillers work to remove wrinkles by injecting soft tissue fillers on the skin. Derma fillers give instant results but last for up to 6 months while derma rollers might be a slow process, it can last for more than 5 years.
Dermarollers vs. Mesotherapy: The process of Mesotherapy is done by injecting tiny needles into the skin which reduces skin’s fat and cellulite. Mesotherapy causes skin to irritate, bruise, swell, and itch while derma roller is a natural process which does not require any injections to be injected on the skin.
The advancement in medical research has found many treatments and methods to effectively rejuvenate the skin and reduce aging signs. Dermarollers is one of the most effective and popular technique which gives minimum side effects. Will you go with derma rollers or pick a different treatment. Please see our range of dermaroller packs

Say ‘Bye-Bye’ To Cellulite and ‘Hello’ To Soft, Smooth Skin! Dermaroller Cellulite Treatments

Say ‘Bye-Bye’ To Cellulite and ‘Hello’ To Soft, Smooth Skin! Dermaroller Cellulite Treatments

There’s finally a product that works! If you’ve already spent lots of time fighting cellulite and trying to reduce stretch marks to no avail, here is a new product in stores that actually does the job. Stretch Mark & Cellulite Dermaroller Pack from White Lotus is so much like a genie in a bottle. This fun-size, yet effective pack comes with a wonderful set of products that work in multiple ways to eliminate stretch marks and considerably reduce cellulite. It’s but natural for you to be wary of such tall claims. However, in order to believe it, you simply must try out the needling pack yourself.

Initially, the entire process of using the dermaroller Pack seems complicated. After all, we are used to expensive treatments that are administered by experts, so the initial reluctance is but normal. However, the detailed and easy-to-follow user manual puts you at ease instantly. You have clear instructions of what you need to do at every step. Simply follow these instructions, and you are good to go. Rest assured the entire procedure is completely safe and has been approved by international experts in micro needling. By maintaining such high standards, there’s really little room for error.

It’s best to administer the treatment once every fortnight to start with. Target those areas which require immediate attention. Most people complain of cellulite accumulation in the thigh area and that of belly fat as well. These areas are also prone to have stubborn stretch marks. With regular use of Stretch Mark & Cellulite dermaroller Pack from White Lotus, you not only reduce cellulite but also lighten stretch marks to a great extent. It clearly is a win-win situation and what you are left with is smooth, firm and younger looking skin. It’s like you’ve found a way to reverse time and slip back into the skin that you were blessed with years ago.

So how does this special pack from White Lotus work in order to provide remarkable results? The dermaroller pack comes with a dermaroller that is used on areas that are affected with scars and marks. Dermaroller application goes on to break down misaligned collagen fibers. The next step is where dermaroller effectively stimulates collagen and elastin production which results in a new layer of skin that’s smoother and finer than the old layers. Post that, the application of the Stretch Mark serum renews skin cells and minimizes side effects, if any. Since the serum is rich in antioxidants, the application also results in silky smooth and renewed layers of skin.

There are many instances where users swear by the dermaroller pack from White Lotus. It definitely seems to have better results than all those expensive creams off the shelves that claim to reduce stretch marks. It’s also safe, easy to use and meets the highest professional standards.

If you’ve always wanted to get rid of stretch marks and say bye-bye to cellulite, then the dermaroller  Pack from White Lotus is for you.

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea for your Skin

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea for your Skin

In recent years, different plant extracts have been popular for their topical applications, promising having better skin in ways more than one. Among others, one of the most popular is the use of green tea, which is believed to be effective because it contains flavonoids with phenolic structures (1). Among others, the following are some of the most amazing benefits that green tea can provide for the skin:

  • Prevent Acne: In one study, EGCG, the major polyphenol found in green tea, has been proven to be effective in the treatment of acne bulgaris, making it possible to reduce serum levels in the skin(2).
  • Protects against UV Damage: Being abundant with plant polyphenols, green tea is also asserted to be effective in providing the skin with protection from the harmful rays of the sun (3). With the high level of protection it provides the skin against sun damage, it is also known for the prevention of skin cancer (4).
  • Rich in Antioxidants: By being rich in antioxidant, it is also known for having excellent anti-inflammatory compounds that promote better-looking skin, even if you are already aging. (5).
  • Rich in Antimicrobial Properties: Because of such, you can expect that the application of green tea will help in getting rid of the bacterial infection on the skin (6).

White Lotus Green Tea Serum

  • All products are made from organic ingredients. The oil extract from green tea is mixed with different herbs that will not only prevent the appearance of visible signs of aging, but can also treat scars, marks, and other skin imperfections.
  • Information about ingredients can be easily found, which is reflective of transparency, and you can easily check if any ingredient is dangerous
  • There is no use of water, which can provide you with the assurance of the purity product and its ingredients
  • Made from crushed camellia seeds and known for delivering a wide array of skin benefits

Reasons to Use Lotus Roller with our Serums

  • Nourish the cells and improve its nutrition to handle cellular repair
  • Reduce dryness, which is common with skin needling. Provide moisturising benefits that are not possible with the use of water-based creams.
  • Prevent sensitivity with sunlight

Serum Certification

You can be confident about the quality of our serums and be provided with a guarantee of satisfaction. All options within our product range are certified by the Soil Association and made with the use of 85% natural products. This means that there are no harsh ingredients and toxic chemicals, which can be possibly damaging the skin. The Vegan Society also recognises our serums, which is a testament to how they are made with the use of carefully-selected ingredients that are proven to be effective in nourishing the skin. There are no animal products used, and they were not also tested in animals. They are Halal, and manufactured in the United Kingdom, in facilities where quality is the priority.


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Deal with hair loss in an efficient and natural way

Deal with hair loss in an efficient and natural way

Hair loss is a very uncomfortable problem very many of us have to deal with. It is extremely frustrating when we find hair on our pillows, hair brushes, or bathtub. Instead of having a thick and shiny hair, we become discouraged by seeing too much hair falling off. And like this is not bad enough, the treatments available in shops are never efficient enough. We spend a lot of money trying diverse treatments that claim to help up reduce hair loss. Not only they contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives, but they never work as well. So how can we stop hair loss? Is there any natural hair loss treatment?
It looks like nature is once again the best doctor, regardless of our problems, that will teach us to how to prevent hair loss naturally. A Deluxe Hair Loss Pack is available by containing natural ingredients and techniques to promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss. The package consists of a dermastamp for hair regrowth, which has micro-needles made out of surgical stainless steel. Don’t worry, since the dermastamp will not produce any pain or discomfort. The shape and purpose of the  derma stamp is to increase the hair growth, by encouraging hair follicles to grow and new hair canals to be formed. It will also create a better absorption of the Hair Restoration Spray, found in the same package. A cleaner spray for the roller, containing the maximum concentration of colloidal silver ions, will make sure that bacteria do not develop on the roller, making its use safer.
The Hair Restoration Spray, mentioned earlier, is based on an ancient, but very efficient, recipe that prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair. The primary ingredient, the Ginseng, can reduce testosterone levels, known to be the main cause for losing hair. Having an organic ethanol base and multiple herbs in its composition, it is free of any chemicals, parabens, preservatives, or other harmful substances. Thus, it is entirely safe to use. The spray packaging was made to help a uniform and smooth distribution of the composition on the scalp.

Also, using a natural silk pillow case, like the one in this package, will reduce harmful friction on your hair during the night. So the hair will not be aggressed or brake while you sleep, helping you have a more disciplined hair in the morning.
So with a derma stamp for hair regrowth and a restoration spray, made out entirely of organic ingredients, we can indeed enjoy a natural hair loss treatment. Nothing about this Deluxe Hair Loss Pack is chemical or synthetic. Both the derma stamp used for massage and the composition of the spray are based on old techniques, proven by scientific studies that they are efficient in hair loss issues. Thus, if you look for a treatment that is harmless and completely natural, this one is the best available. You can easily fight against hair loss with these products and obtain visible results.

Jiaogulan – Gynostemma

Jiaogulan – Gynostemma

Jiaogulan tea originally came from the Southern region of China. It first caught the attention of the west after a study was made with regards to the health of the people living in China. Researchers found out that most people who live in villages where the tea was consumed lived longer compared to people who live in other parts of the country. It is common for people in those villages to live more than a hundred years.

Jiaogulan tea came from Gynostemma or gynostemma pentaphyllum. The plant has been the subject of more than 40 scientific researches. Most of the studies suggested that drinking tea made from gynostemma provides several benefits that include maintaining the proper functions of the liver, heart, kidneys and other major organs of the body. The tea also regulates the levels of blood sugar.

One of the finest jiaogulan teas on the market, today is the White Lotus gynostemma tea. It is produced from the highest quality jiaogulan available. The traditional way to drink jiaogulan tea is to drink loose leaf tea. Practitioners said that it is the best way to maximize the benefits one can get from the tea.

By using pyramid tea bags, you are able to replicate the effect of drinking loose leaf tea. Pyramid tea bags allow larger tea leaves to perfuse with the water. Flat tea bags can only accommodate low grade tea leaves. And to ensure the freshness of the tea leaves, the bags are sealed inside a tin container, instead of a cardboard. This is important to preserve the therapeutic effect of the tea leaves.

Jiaogulan tea is sweet, unlike other herbal teas that have unpalatable and bitter taste. It also contains no caffeine, while providing long lasting energy. When you buy jiaogulan tea, each tin comes with 15 pyramid tea bags.