The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea for your Skin

The Amazing Benefits of Green Tea for your Skin

In recent years, different plant extracts have been popular for their topical applications, promising having better skin in ways more than one. Among others, one of the most popular is the use of green tea, which is believed to be effective because it contains flavonoids with phenolic structures (1). Among others, the following are some of the most amazing benefits that green tea can provide for the skin:

  • Prevent Acne: In one study, EGCG, the major polyphenol found in green tea, has been proven to be effective in the treatment of acne bulgaris, making it possible to reduce serum levels in the skin(2).
  • Protects against UV Damage: Being abundant with plant polyphenols, green tea is also asserted to be effective in providing the skin with protection from the harmful rays of the sun (3). With the high level of protection it provides the skin against sun damage, it is also known for the prevention of skin cancer (4).
  • Rich in Antioxidants: By being rich in antioxidant, it is also known for having excellent anti-inflammatory compounds that promote better-looking skin, even if you are already aging. (5).
  • Rich in Antimicrobial Properties: Because of such, you can expect that the application of green tea will help in getting rid of the bacterial infection on the skin (6).

White Lotus Green Tea Serum

  • All products are made from organic ingredients. The oil extract from green tea is mixed with different herbs that will not only prevent the appearance of visible signs of aging, but can also treat scars, marks, and other skin imperfections.
  • Information about ingredients can be easily found, which is reflective of transparency, and you can easily check if any ingredient is dangerous
  • There is no use of water, which can provide you with the assurance of the purity product and its ingredients
  • Made from crushed camellia seeds and known for delivering a wide array of skin benefits

Reasons to Use Lotus Roller with our Serums

  • Nourish the cells and improve its nutrition to handle cellular repair
  • Reduce dryness, which is common with skin needling. Provide moisturising benefits that are not possible with the use of water-based creams.
  • Prevent sensitivity with sunlight

Serum Certification

You can be confident about the quality of our serums and be provided with a guarantee of satisfaction. All options within our product range are certified by the Soil Association and made with the use of 85% natural products. This means that there are no harsh ingredients and toxic chemicals, which can be possibly damaging the skin. The Vegan Society also recognises our serums, which is a testament to how they are made with the use of carefully-selected ingredients that are proven to be effective in nourishing the skin. There are no animal products used, and they were not also tested in animals. They are Halal, and manufactured in the United Kingdom, in facilities where quality is the priority.


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Deal with hair loss in an efficient and natural way

Deal with hair loss in an efficient and natural way

Hair loss is a very uncomfortable problem very many of us have to deal with. It is extremely frustrating when we find hair on our pillows, hair brushes, or bathtub. Instead of having a thick and shiny hair, we become discouraged by seeing too much hair falling off. And like this is not bad enough, the treatments available in shops are never efficient enough. We spend a lot of money trying diverse treatments that claim to help up reduce hair loss. Not only they contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives, but they never work as well. So how can we stop hair loss? Is there any natural hair loss treatment?
It looks like nature is once again the best doctor, regardless of our problems, that will teach us to how to prevent hair loss naturally. A Deluxe Hair Loss Pack is available by containing natural ingredients and techniques to promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss. The package consists of a dermastamp for hair regrowth, which has micro-needles made out of surgical stainless steel. Don’t worry, since the dermastamp will not produce any pain or discomfort. The shape and purpose of the  derma stamp is to increase the hair growth, by encouraging hair follicles to grow and new hair canals to be formed. It will also create a better absorption of the Hair Restoration Spray, found in the same package. A cleaner spray for the roller, containing the maximum concentration of colloidal silver ions, will make sure that bacteria do not develop on the roller, making its use safer.
The Hair Restoration Spray, mentioned earlier, is based on an ancient, but very efficient, recipe that prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair. The primary ingredient, the Ginseng, can reduce testosterone levels, known to be the main cause for losing hair. Having an organic ethanol base and multiple herbs in its composition, it is free of any chemicals, parabens, preservatives, or other harmful substances. Thus, it is entirely safe to use. The spray packaging was made to help a uniform and smooth distribution of the composition on the scalp.

Also, using a natural silk pillow case, like the one in this package, will reduce harmful friction on your hair during the night. So the hair will not be aggressed or brake while you sleep, helping you have a more disciplined hair in the morning.
So with a derma stamp for hair regrowth and a restoration spray, made out entirely of organic ingredients, we can indeed enjoy a natural hair loss treatment. Nothing about this Deluxe Hair Loss Pack is chemical or synthetic. Both the derma stamp used for massage and the composition of the spray are based on old techniques, proven by scientific studies that they are efficient in hair loss issues. Thus, if you look for a treatment that is harmless and completely natural, this one is the best available. You can easily fight against hair loss with these products and obtain visible results.

Jiaogulan – Gynostemma

Jiaogulan – Gynostemma

Jiaogulan tea originally came from the Southern region of China. It first caught the attention of the west after a study was made with regards to the health of the people living in China. Researchers found out that most people who live in villages where the tea was consumed lived longer compared to people who live in other parts of the country. It is common for people in those villages to live more than a hundred years.

Jiaogulan tea came from Gynostemma or gynostemma pentaphyllum. The plant has been the subject of more than 40 scientific researches. Most of the studies suggested that drinking tea made from gynostemma provides several benefits that include maintaining the proper functions of the liver, heart, kidneys and other major organs of the body. The tea also regulates the levels of blood sugar.

One of the finest jiaogulan teas on the market, today is the White Lotus gynostemma tea. It is produced from the highest quality jiaogulan available. The traditional way to drink jiaogulan tea is to drink loose leaf tea. Practitioners said that it is the best way to maximize the benefits one can get from the tea.

By using pyramid tea bags, you are able to replicate the effect of drinking loose leaf tea. Pyramid tea bags allow larger tea leaves to perfuse with the water. Flat tea bags can only accommodate low grade tea leaves. And to ensure the freshness of the tea leaves, the bags are sealed inside a tin container, instead of a cardboard. This is important to preserve the therapeutic effect of the tea leaves.

Jiaogulan tea is sweet, unlike other herbal teas that have unpalatable and bitter taste. It also contains no caffeine, while providing long lasting energy. When you buy jiaogulan tea, each tin comes with 15 pyramid tea bags.

Benefits of silk for anti aging and sleeping with a silk pillowcase

Benefits of silk for anti aging and sleeping with a silk pillowcase

Silk is the magical anti aging component that every woman out there who cares about her looks should seriously consider. If you have woken up one day with sleep creases on your face, you are sleeping on a wrong pillowcase; it is high time you switched to the magical silk.

As we age, sleep creases take longer to disappear and they may turn into permanent markers, therefore we should not take chances; use a fabric which will not lead to formation of the sleep lines.

Silk may be a small luxury but its benefits are huge, when spun on pyjamas, pillows or sheets it helps in preventing the effects of aging and also relives the skin from certain conditions.

There is available evidence which point out that sleeping on silk pillow cases helps in preventing aging. The fabric has natural proteins and also contains essential amino acids which counter the effects of skin damage.

Additionally the fabric come out so smooth and allows the harmful allergens that may hide in other fabrics to slide away leaving you a clean and comfortable surface to lay your head. The fabric also does not have large spaces where dust and allergens can hide causing irritation to the eyes, skin and nasal passages.
The smooth and silky feeling relaxes the skin, there is less friction against the surfaces meaning that the skin is not hurt, this also prevents the breakages of hair adding on the beauty of having a silk pillow case in your night long sleep.
Silk is a magical fabric, it not takes care of our skin but also slows the aging process ,this is a good reason why any woman out there who cares about staying healthy and young need to have some silk pillowcase to sleep with.

Benefits of Drinking a Weight Loss Tea- Best Tea for Weight Loss

Benefits of Drinking a Weight Loss Tea- Best Tea for Weight Loss

You probably heard a lot about weight losing teas. It is a high chance you already tried one, in the attempt to reach the desired weight. But you were surprised to find out that most of these teas are working in the same way like laxatives and nothing more. This can be quite dangerous since they dehydrate the body and offer nothing in return, creating more unbalances than you actually help your body regain its equilibrium.

Real slimming teas will help you burn fat, increase metabolism, decrease appetite and offer you an intake of antioxidants, essential for cell protection. And all these without having a laxative effect or to drain water out of your body.

Such a reliable slimming tea is offered by White Lotus Anti Aging, and it is a combination of several natural herbal tea, with the purpose of aiding you in the fight against extra weight. Tie Guan Yin, a very refined variety of the oolong tea, and Gymnema Sylvestre, an Indian herb, are the most important of the ingredients, which will serve your goal.

Oolong tea is extremely efficient when it comes to losing weight, far better than the green tea, so widely used in decreasing the extra pounds. It is great in helping your body metabolize and melt fats faster. It will also hydrate and protect your organism and immune system, due to its high content of anti-oxidants and essential minerals. Gymnema Sylvestre is a herb highly recommended for the people that suffer of diabetes. It helps regulate the sugar in the blood system and even reduces the craving for food and sweets for hours.
With this tea is an ally, you will be able to change your unhealthy eating habits and stick to a more balanced diet. Combine tea consumption with a diet based on fresh foods and physical exercises, and results will not fail to appear. It is an excellent support for changing the lifestyle that made you gain those extra pounds into a healthier and more active lifestyle, which will make you feel fabulous.

You should also know that the slimming tea is packed in triangle-shape bag, allowing enough space for the tea leaves to be placed inside. So you can be sure that what you drink is real tea and you will enjoy its benefits to the fullest.
Drinking tea is a great way of keeping your body hydrated through the seasons. A slimming tea will do that and help you get rid of fats, and keep your organism protected. Unlike weight loss tea that contain laxatives in order to offer you quick results, which usually last a little, a great slimming tea will help you achieve your objective slower but in a healthier way that will last longer. And if you maintain the healthy lifestyle, those extra pounds will never bother you again. Use the best tea for weight loss- White Lotus Anti Aging weight loss tea as an efficient method to look and feel better, in combination with healthy methods like working out and eating healthy.

Jade Facial Roller- Fight Back Signs of Aging

Jade Facial Roller- Fight Back Signs of Aging

Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, crow’s feet are all signs of aging, and once they start to appear, people are scrambling to look for ways to alleviate their appearance. Applying creams may work, but sometimes they take time before any real results are seen. The Jade Facial Roller, on the other hand, works effectively in battling signs of aging compared to other anti-aging products out there.

Jade Roller – An Ancient Remedy

According to the Chinese, this beauty tool has been used for centuries in achieving that fine, smooth, and young looking skin regardless of their age. The jade stone is rolled on the skin to help boost blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and puffiness, improve lymphatic drainage, and even eliminate toxins. Many swear by this tool and many beauty stores are using Jade Roller to help their clients achieve that young looking skin especially after a facial treatment.

Benefits of Jade Roller

What exactly can you get out of this beauty tool that has been making waves in the anti-aging scene? For starters, this roller is believed to improve one’s blood circulation as you glide the stone up and outwards. It also helps your skin absorb the facial creams and other anti-aging products because of the massaging effects of the Jade Roller.

Rolling the Jade Roller can also reduce puffiness as the accumulated water in your skin gets dispersed. This also helps reduce the wrinkles in and around problem areas such as around the eyes and mouth. The Jade Roller minimizes pores by making your skin tight because of the cold stone. This makes your skin smooth and younger looking.

Another advantage to this roller is that it helps eliminate the toxins underneath your skin due to the improved blood circulation as you roll the stone on your skin.

Why Choose a Jade Facial Roller

Although anti-aging creams, as well as surgery, can help you achieve that young looking skin, the Jade Facial Roller is safe and very effective to use. You only need to invest once and use it for years to help keep your skin retain that smooth and flawless looking skin even as you age. Beauty experts use this tool to help their patients after their skin needling session because the stone is cold to the touch giving instant relief.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to achieve that young looking skin, the Jade Roller is the perfect beauty tool to invest on. Improve your blood’s circulation, get rid of harmful toxins, as well as get rid of signs of aging such as crow’s feet, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles under eyes, and sagging skin. Simple but effective, there is no doubt that the Jade Facial Roller is a tool that everyone should have in their beauty kit.

How to use the dermaroller

How to use the dermaroller

In the event that you have not gotten your hands on the Holistic Microneedling DVD-Dermaroller Training, then you should and this is because you will experience immense relief from the techniques offered there.

From this DVD, you will actually view full visual demonstrations regarding the finest needling techniques available. The DVD was basically designed for clinic and home use so be assured that the techniques offered there are safe and can be effectively tackled by you.
This dermaroller DVD is actually based on the phenomenal book called ‘Holistic Microneedling’ and you will observe that it is packed with about 1 hour and 42 minutes of visual demonstrations accompanied by expert advice. The Holistic Microneedling techniques found in the DVD are actually authentic and live treatments are displayed in the following areas;


These ground-breaking techniques featured in the DVD were actually invented and perfected over the years in the much acclaimed Author’s Australasian Clinic.

For effective results, it is important to utilize the approaches stipulated in the DVD and this is by understanding the step by step protocols as established in the chapters.

In doing this, be confident and don’t doubt as you perform the treatments and this is because they are equipped with the very finest tips and advices from the world leading Clinical Director and Expert of White Lotus Anti-Aging. This dermaroller course assists stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, hair loss, sagging skin and cellulite.
Get your hands on this amazing DVD today and you will be glad that you did you will learn how to use the dermaroller!

Expert tuition in Microneedling now available in Clinics anywhere/ everywhere

Expert tuition in Microneedling now available in Clinics anywhere/ everywhere

Who doesn’t want perfect skin? Perfect skin is the dream of hundreds and thousands of women all over the world. Lucky for everyone out there, White Lotus provides a  dermaroller correspondence course for microneedling in every beauty and wellness centre. With our dermaroller training, every beauty clinic will be able to implement the method in its authentic form.
Since the introduction of this technique to make your skin wrinkle-free, we have seen forged versions of the technique which could damage the skin. With our correspondence course, every beautician will be able to learn the method quickly and easily to benefit everyone. Who better to provide the technicalities of the microneedling course than the founder?
I am Anthony Kingston and I am here to provide my microneedling correspondence course to every beauty clinic. I serve as the expert advisor to the UK’s leading Beautician Association BABTAC.
Not only will my dermaroller course be visually demonstrated but also taught to beauticians who are eager to learn. For instance, the DVD demonstrations will provide the visual understanding of the process. In addition a manual for instructions will be presented to understand the technicalities and precautions of the method. You can also benefit from our expert advice and account manager, once the course is completed.
If a beautician is able to demonstrate the process properly, he or she will be provided Professional Statement of Attainment after the completion of this course. This course will serve tremendously at beauty clinics as it is being demonstrated due to immense demand internationally. You will be able to serve hundreds and thousands of clients with skin problems with the attainment of this professional and intriguing skin course. Microneedling is gaining a wider perspective all over the world and this is the perfect time to learn it!