Hair Loss

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The White Lotus Hair loss pack combines the scientifically proven science of micro needling with natural hair loss remedies to aid alopecia, female hair loss and male pattern baldness.

Hair Loss Treatment

Derma roller hair treatment

The derma roller and derma stamp hair loss treatment employ the science of micro needling to assist hair restoration. Micro needling assists hair restoration in two ways.

1. The micro needling increases the release of endothelial growth factor. This can promote hair growth, and increase follicle and hair size. It indirectly also assist interactions that lead to hair canal formation.

2. The micro needling dramatically increases the absorption of hair loss products including the restoration hair spray through the skin.

The derma roller is best employed where there is very little hair remaining on the scalp or for individuals who shave their heads. Those with longer hair should avoid the roller and use the derma stamp as longer hair can become caught in the axles of the rollers and torn out.

This is very common and it is surprising how little is written about it. Using the derma stamp takes longer to cover the head but it is very important not to remove hair when assisting hair loss. Tearing hair out weakens the roots of the hair and increases hair loss.

The White Lotus Hair Loss pack is particularly beneficial for the following types of hair loss-

•    Male pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia)
•    Female hair loss
•    Post-partum hair loss

Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

The hair restoration spray is a traditional formulation that has been used for centuries to assist hair restoration. Many of these traditional ingredients are now being proven effective by modern scientific research.

This includes Ginseng which has been shown to reduce inhibit testosterone-5-alpha-reductase when applied topically. This is the main testosterone implicated in many different types of hair loss.

There are only two groups of products that have been scientifically proven to increase hair regrowth when applied topically. The first is Chinese herbs and the second is a relatively recent synthetic drug. In comparison to the synthetic product the Chinese herbs demonstrate dramatically less recorded side effects. They are often preferred by those concerned by their long term health.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

The hair Restoration spray should be used daily while the derma stamp or rollers is applied once a week. Small signs of results should be experienced within a month and more noticeable improvements should be seen in about 3 months.

Silk Pillow Case

In addition it is of great benefit to use a hair loss pillow case. These pillow cases are made of silk and do not create friction like silk. This means they do not tear out hair over-night. No more hair on the pillow slips in the morning!

They are made from the highest grade of silk and last for years. This makes them a very simple and affordable way to assist hair loss.

White Lotus has been naturally and effectively assisting hair loss naturally for 8 years now both in clinic and online.

For further information about hair loss or to discuss your individual case please contact White Lotus.