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White Lotus supplies a range of products that can assist acne. Below is information that explains how many of our products can assist acne and also how to apply some of the products around active acne.

Skin Needling

Skin needling can indirectly benefit acne by improving blood flow and skin texture. The catch is that you cannot needle over active acne or you risk spreading the bacteria. This becomes a large issue when treating many types of acne scars in which case there may still be active acne in the area.

In cases of mild acne skin needling can be applied to the healthy skin around the acne with no risk. This helps improve the skin texture and in conjunction with the other products listed below can assist cases of acne.

Skin needling is also excellent for improving the texture of skin on the nose and other areas affected by blackheads. These techniques have been practiced in China for hundreds of years using a more dated seven star needle. It can be performed quickly and easily now using the Lotus Roller of derma stamp to improve this skin texture.

If the acne is severe and pustules cover the majority of the skin, then unfortunately skin needling cannot be applied until the acne has been treated.
As skin needling can make the skin slightly dry it is best not to perform it while taking many acne medications that also dry the skin. Simply wait until you finish the course of treatment and then apply the skin needling.

White Lotus Serums

The major ingredient in all White Lotus serums is green tea oil. When applied to the skin green tea extracts have been shown to dramatically improve cases of acne.

Some of the major research includes –

Topical Green tea positively influences sebum production in healthy adults [1]. This study concluded that one of the major contributors to the green teas effectiveness was linolenic acid which comprises on average 22.41% of the green tea oil.
Topical use for six weeks demonstrated a 58% decrease acne lesions in 20 teenage acne sufferers [2].

Green tea oil is unique in that traditionally in China it was claimed that it did not block the pores like other oils. This is being validated by the modern research above. It is also anti-microbial and contains a powerful anti-oxidant content.

The serums are excellent to either use alone or together with skin needling. When used with skin needling they reduce the dryness caused by skin needling in a deeper way than is possible with water based moisturisers.

For best results use the scar serum with the 0.5mm roller around the areas of active acne. They are also better used with the Lotus Roller cleanser and the organic cleanser to prevent bacteria.

White tea

Taken internally white tea has been shown to assist acne in studies done in Japan. To achieve this affect use only high quality white tea as cheaper mass produced products have much lower effectiveness due to their reduced levels of active components.

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