Hypoallergenic Dermaroller- 1st Metal free Polymer Derma roller 0.25 0.5 1.0

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World's First Biocompatible Polymer Dermaroller /Safe Skin Needling/ No Reactions or Allergies 

  • Protective Case - The skin needle roller is put in a separate plastic case to protect the micro needles on the head of the roller and ensure they stay sharp and effective.  All needles are machine-sterilized, tested for safety, and then put in tamper-evident packs.
  • Highly Effective – Regularly conducting this treatment can produce an increase of up to 1,000% in the skins natural collagen and increase absorption of products through the skin by up to 10,000 times.
  • Natural Approach - White Lotus Anti Aging has inspired a more natural approach to skin needling for over 10 years. There are no harmful or toxic chemicals used for this treatment that could damage the skin.
  • Zero Unwanted Effects – The hypoallergenic nickel and all metal free dermaroller system – guarantees immensely safe skin needling. Even if you are allergic to metals, you can safely use the needles as there will be no harsh side effects later on.
  • Single Mould – The micro-needles are held by a single mould biocompatible polymer so they don’t fall out due to their delicate size and fine structure.


Skeptical about anti-aging treatments in the market? Want to restore your former skin texture in a jiffy? We have the ideal solution for you – a medical Dermaroller for using biocompatible polymer micro needles that deals with anti-aging effects and reduces them drastically.


Efficient mechanism


The micro needles are created together in a single mould for greater strength and stability. Thus it prevents them from accidentally falling out.


No allergies


Nickel is found in varying proportions in standard micro needles and can be hazardous to many users – it might cause severe reactions and allergies. But this skin needling roller is biocompatible and is safe to use on all skin types. It can be used by those who are at a risk for nickel or other metal allergies.



The White Lotus Anti Aging polymer micro needle skin roller is produced with the highest precision. It is machine-sterilized using EO and then packed in tamper-evident packaging for your safety. 


Three options


The micro needle roller is available as a derma roller in 0.25 mm ,0.5 mm model or a 1.0 mm model. The 0.25mm has 180 needles and is best for transdermal absorption of products- it does not induct collagen. The 0.5mm contains 340 micro needles and is great for facial anti-aging. The latter micro needle roller has 180 micro needles and mainly used for scarring, stretch marks, cellulite, more intense anti aging treatments and hair restoration. 


The Polymer dermaroller systems are the ideal derma roller for stretch marks, cellulite, anti aging, scarring and hair loss. So what are you waiting for? Place your order right away!


Note: Please take a look at the packs containing the polymer micro needle systems for scarring, anti aging, stretch marks and cellulite.

Needles made from Biocompatible Polymer 0.25mm needle length contains 180 needles 0.5mm needle length contains 340 microneedles 1.0mm needle length contains 180 microneedles Machine-sterilized using EO and then packed in tamper-evident packaging for your safety

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Customer Reviews

No comparision to metal rollers Review by Sarah
I have been skin needling for many years and this is by far the best roller I have ever used, love the fact it is hypoallergenic and the results, thanks. (Posted on 27/07/2017)
Ingenious Review by Kevin
I have tried other dermarollers and I converted to the original Lotus Roller a few years ago. I recently saw this was added as a new non metal roller and was very curious to try it out. I brought the 1.00mm and have used it several times ( once a fortnight). So far I am extremely happy with it and will keep using it for anti aging. It works just as well in my opinion and I like the fact it does not contain any metal. (Posted on 30/01/2017)