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White Lotus Tea Shop

The White Lotus tea shop range is designed to allow western customers to easily and conveniently access the deep benefits of a range of popular healthy and delicious teas.

Traditionally these teas were only available in loose leaf form meaning you had to soak the tea in a pot for at least three minutes and then serve it out individually.
White Lotus realises that most of us do not have time to do this anymore. All White Lotus teas therefore are individually packaged in pyramid tea bags. Using pyramid tea bags allows the tea leaves to circulate more freely as they would have done in a teapot. This means larger premium tea leaves can be used rather than the left over dust that inhabits many tea bags. Premium tea is usually far less bitter and sweeter than the low-grade teas.

Freshness is also a vital ingredient if you are to obtain the best taste and health benefits from your tea. White Lotus packages all its teas in metal boxes to ensure that very little extra air reaches the tea which can spoil its effectiveness. Unfortunately cardboard packaging allows too much air to the tea and many of the key ingredients in the tea can break down which reduces the quality and effectiveness of the tea.

The Camellia sinensis plant provides us with most of the types of tea we are familiar with today including white tea, green tea, oolong tea and black tea which westerners are more familiar with.

Unlike black tea both white tea and green tea are not fermented and therefore retain much higher quantities of polyphenols and anti-oxidants which are responsible for many of the health benefits of tea.

Good quality white and the best green tea is slightly sweet and tastes nothing like the bitter products often available on supermarkets shelves. These higher quality teas are also generally fresher and retain far more of the beneficial properties of the tea.

In addition the Camellia sinensis plant several different herbal teas have been extensively researched and demonstrated to have dramatic health benefits. Our favourite is the Jiao Gu Lan tea, which is one of the most powerful adaptogenic herbs currently known and yet can be easily prepared in a simple tea bag.

From humble origins in China tea has gone on to become one of the most popular beverages in the world.

Please sample the White Lotus range of premium teas to discover the best there is available.